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Fapuma Motel Hungary szobái Fapuma Motel Hungary étterem Fapuma Motel Hungary rendezvényterem Fapuma Motel Hungary szabadidő egyéb tevékenységeink a horvát-magyar határnál Fapuma Motel Hungary elérhetőségei

The Fapuma Motel and Bar is easy to find, it is located along route 7, on the outskirts of the town of Letenye, just before the Hungarian-Croatian border. We are open from 0-24h. Motel guests can use our large, protected parking lot.

You and your family can rest in our hotel before crossing the Crotian-Hungarian border. The Fapuma Motel is a family enterprise. Our guests are welcome to enjoy our family atmosphere and service. The bar associated with the hotel is composed of two parts. Comfortable leather sofas provide the atmosphere of a traditional pub, whereas in the other hall we have designed a rustic dining area for our guests. The hotel bar is equipped with an internet connection. Comfortable rooms ensure peaceful relaxation, so that you can cross the Croatian-Hungarian boarder refreshed the next morning and arrive safely at your destination.

Motel Fapuma Hungary - Letenye