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We provide accommodation
in neat 3 bed rooms in our motel.

Room prices:

Rooms with shared shower:
10 Euro or 2800 Huf/person
Rooms with several shower:
1 person: 16 Euro or 4500 Huf/person
2 person: 25 Euro or 7000 Huf/person
3 person: 36 Euro or 10000 Huf/person
Youth accomodation:
3-4 head ones rooms - 8 Euro/person

We can accommodate 75 persons in 25 rooms.

We can provide our guests with extra beds, on request. Several rooms are equipped with TVs and refrigerators. In addition to accommodation we also offer full fare meals, at favorable prices. We also have 2 all inclusive rooms to satisfy the needs of our most demanding customers.

Motel Fapuma Hungary - Letenye
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